Jason was very thorough, explained everything though the entire process.  He answered every question I had and made sure I understood every answer.

We hired Mr. Sansone and we could not have hired a better attorney for our case. He is very responsive, professional, thorough and knowledgeable in his profession.  Hs is very helpful with any questions you have.  We are so grateful we went this route with him.

My hats’ off to Mr. Jason Sansone of the Law Firm of Sansone Howell for an excellent job in handling my case. He was not only very knowledgeable, but very forthcoming in keeping me ‘informed’ every step of the way through this process. I could not have been in better, more capable hands and can’t thank him enough for an exceptional job.

Jason was wonderful to work with! He is very responsive to calls, texts and emails, and explains all information in great detail. Checks in with you during the whole process, is very easy to communicate with, and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease during a difficult time.

Jason Sansone was very knowledgeable and helped myself understand the details of everything that was happening in my case while I was scatter brained and scared to say the least. He was a very patient and thorough about everything.

Our lawyer Jason Sansone has done everything for us with top notch service. He has helped ease the stress and is very knowledgeable with any questions we have had. I would definitely recommend this person for anyone in need of the same problems.

Jason helped me great through a very difficult, stressful situation. He walked me through the whole process with great reassurance and without judgement. He is very professional and knowledgeable! He listens and shows compassion. Thank You Jason!

Working with Jason was as painless as a bankruptcy could be. He was very open with communication and quick to respond in a timely manner. Highly recommended for anyone who is in the unfortunate spot of needing bankruptcy.

Me and my wife didn’t know where to turn when a family member told us about Jason and we were in to see him within a week. He was great made us feel at home explained everything to us in a way we could understand and had a great payment plan.

I had to file bankruptcy this year, as a person in my early twenties, this was scary. Jason made the process easy and comfortable. I came out of the situation more confident and a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

Jason rescued me from an attorney that had led me on for 8 months in my bankruptcy case. I finally became fed up and called Jason. He had me in within days, and within weeks the case was filed. He is very detailed has a firm grasp of the law. I am so happy we found him!

For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Jason Sansone was an awesome attorney! He answered all of our questions, and made a bad situation bearable. He is very knowledgeable of the law, easy to talk to, and very patient with those, like me, ignorant of what was going to occur during the proceedings. I would recommend him to my family.

Filing bankruptcy is a very intimidating and stressful ordeal, but Jason Sansone made the whole process very smooth and easy. My husband and I had so many questions and concerns, but Jason walked us through each step with ease, and without judgement. He gave us all the paperwork to fill out and informed us what we would need to provide the courts. It took a few days on our end to gather up all of the accounts we needed to include in the bankruptcy, but overall the process went pretty fast. Jason broke down all of our options and informed us our rights. We were worried that we would have to give up our house, the one thing we wanted to keep and not include in our bankruptcy, and sure enough, he helped make that possible. Jason talked us through what to expect when we appeared in front of the trustee and meeting of creditors, and the actual event was much more quick and gentle than we feared. All in all, Jason helped ease our concerns and the whole experience was less stressful than it could have been. He’s very professional, but personable, too, and that really helps you feel like a friend is on your side. We will recommend Jason Sansone to everyone who asks us about bankruptcy in the future.

Jason was a pleasure to have done business with, he made sure everything was done and all I had to do basically was read the papers and sign them and show up once for a hearing. He was also friendly and told me exactly what to expect. I would hire him again if I had to and I definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to hire someone that will take care of business!

We sought his counsel for legal services and he was very open and honest with us and our situation. He recommended a route for us that worked better and have consulted on a couple other questions even after we no longer needed his direct service. Highly recommend him for your legal counsel.

I have worked with Jason with a few cases now. He was very efficient and quick with handling my case. My cases were completed and I had absolutely no problems and everything was handled flawlessly. I would recommend him to everyone.

I couldn’t be happier with the work that Kellie did for me in my divorce. Her knowledge and assistance helped me to make quick educated decision, that made a very difficult time so much easier. I have suggested her to several friend’s and I am grateful a friend suggested her to me.

Ms. Howell was hired by my family to put together an advanced directive for me. She was very thorough and thoughtful. Very kind and a pleasure to work with!

My wife and I hired Kellie to assist us in aquiring our grand parents rights with great success! She was extremely knowledgeable and efficient in every aspect of our case. I would highly recommend her and will use her again when and if needed.

I have never hired an attorney prior to my experience with Jason. I assume many are like myself and have a preconceived notion on what lawyers are like. Jason changed my mind, he listened to what I presented and also has the respect of the prosecutors as well. With that respect it made my case and ultimately my choice in hiring him a great choice. I was accused of reckless driving, and unwilling to fight in court on my own. Jason asked the precise questions needed to take to the prosecutors. I was hoping for a reduced infraction to keep insurance premiums from skyrocketing. In the end my case was completely dismissed, and my record remains clean.

From the start Jason was very courteous and professional. Throughout the process he was very efficient and took care of everything, walking us through step by step. I actually have already passed his card and information on to several people. I highly recommend Jason and his law office to help anyone through their legal issues.

Jason Sansone is not only an excellent lawyer but a mentor of sorts. He worked very hard making sure we had everything together and all the required classes taken. He also tried to help us to know where we went wrong and to help to insure it never was a problem again. I would and will diffently recommend.

Mr Sansone handled a personal bankruptcy for me. He was always professional and timely with all work. I would highly recommend his firm to anyone needing service for legal matters.

All the questions I had were answered clearly up front. My case was finished quickly and Jason made the whole process comfortable and simple.

Jason helped me and my family file our bankruptcy. Going in to the process my wife and I were so scared but Jason assured us everything’s going to be ok and it was. Jason is so professional, courteous, caring, informative etc. He handled everything better than any lawyer I have ever seen. He took care of us so much you can’t help but to refer him clients and love him because he is the very best. No one could have done better. No stress, no worry no nothing, he makes a tough process easy and somehow fun. Also his counter part (other lawyer) she is awesome as well. She will talk to you and help. She won’t just take a message and not call you back. They always call you and check in on you. I could go on and on. They are the best and helped me and my family start our lives over and were doing great because of Jason Sansone. God Bless.

Attorney Howell is easy to work with and has always been accessible throughout my custody case. She is proficient and efficient at what she does. I have forwarded emails and texts to her and she assists me in having an outside opinion. Basically the calm in the storm. As cliche as this review is, and I hate cliches, I think its fitting here. I have also gotten prenup services done with her, and the plan that she uses for them is excellent. Will not take you on though just for the money. She is honest and tells things as they are. Very dependable.

Jason is very knowledgeable of the bankruptcy process and he was very helpful. I would definitely recommend his services.

I got to work with Mr. Sansone on two credit card debt lawsuits which were very difficult and some other credit card disputes. He won both cases for me and worked hard on them. He was very professional at all times, his fees were very reasonable. He let me pay his fees in payments and didn’t impose a deadline for them to be paid. He quite understood my financial situation. Every other lawyer I talked to before meeting Mr. Sansone asked me for pretty hefty initial deposits to work on these cases. I thought it’s pretty rare to find an attorney who is very generous and understanding of his clients. I’m very glad I got to meet Mr.Sansone for my cases and recommend him to anyone who would actually like their cases win.

After calling a few attorneys listed on Google, I came across Jason’s number. My first clue that I was speaking with someone who was personable and approachable was when “Mr. Sansone” indicated “you can call me Jason.” We found Jason to be a very energetic and reliable attorney that was very knowledgeable about our legal issues. He communicated and replied to questions quickly. He even responded to an urgent need at 10 at night. He was creative, methodical, honest and diligent at finding solutions to our issues. Dealing with legal issues can be a frightening experience especially when confronted by a cold, calculated lawyer. But “warm-hearted Jason” put us at ease because he was optimistic about the outcome and sympathetic to our situation. Jason helped resolve our legal matters very quickly. I definitely will recommend Jason to others if they face legal issues or questions in their life.

Jason Sansone is the smartest, most knowledgeable attorney I’ve met. Very good at what he does and have referred everyone that has asked me about needing one to him. They all say they were very satisfied with the service they got.

I highly recommend Jason as an attorney. I filed Chapter 7 and Jason made it a breeze. The entire proess took about a week, creditors (immediately) stopped calling and, my warrant, for failure to appear at an asset hearing was recalled, within a few days of me filing. Jason gave me his (personal) cell phone and, email address and, I never spoke to a Secretary or, anyone other than Jason. Also, a plus: he pays for the two Federal required Bankruptcy classes. You can not get a better deal, considering: his professionalism, courteousness and the dollars. A friend of mine used another local Attorney and he was more expensive, didn’t pay for the classes, he and his Secretary kept calling her asking for additional information and, called her back to the office, several times, and, it took him two weeks to file. Save yourself some time, hassle and, money; Hire Atty. Jason Sansone!! :) Happy customer….

Jason went over and above to assist us with any need. He was really helpful.

This is both a letter of appreciation and recommendation to Kellie Howell. My case needs were immediate and just prior to a major holiday. I was caught completely by surprise when an EPO was filed against me and I found myself alone very quickly. When I found Kellie she acted quickly and professionally in preparing my case. I admittedly was extremely stressed during this time and Kellie greatly reduced my anxiety with her prompt responses, confidence, and professional attitude. She really gave me hope back after I’d lost it.

The above alone makes her a 5 star recommendation, but there’s that extra and rarely seen 6th star here. My case was regarding a divorce I didn’t want. I’d imagine a divorce case being a bit easier if you didn’t care how the other side felt when you presented case in front of a judge, but when you want to reconcile things have to be handled a bit more gingerly. Kellie didn’t just represent me, she represented me. She did what was needed in court to open a door of discussion between myself and my wife.

In closing I’d like to just say as a client: express exactly what you want outcome you’re looking for and I have no doubt that you’ll find the best quality representation in Kellie Howell. The result of my case was exactly what I had hoped for and I have Kellie to thank.

He helped me get out of spending a lot of money on court fees and having to serve jail time on a small charge. He was able to get everything that he needed to get the charges basically droped in a weeks time. He is a great lawyer and I’m happy that he was able to help me.

It was a pleasure working with Jason on my bankruptcy case. Not only did he walk me through the whole process, but he was also very patient with me. He kept in touch with me the whole time to see how I was doing with all the paperwork. He explained everything in a way that was easy for me to understand, and answered any questions I had for him. Very good at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone I know.

In my opinion Jason Sansone was exceptional in handling our case. He was always readily available and knowledgeable. We never had any issues at all with Jason. We felt like and still feel like we were well represented. I would recomend Jason to anyone who us looking for legal representation.

Mr. Sansone was very up to date. He is with us every step of the way and made us feel good about the decision we had to make. He didn’t look down on us for that decision. I would recommend him to anyone that needed help.

After a long financial battle, we decided bankruptcy was our last option. Mr. Sansone has made this difficult and trying time much easier to bare. He is knowledgeable and professional and takes the time to answer all of our questions and concerns. Although we have not closed our case, I feel confident that he was the best choice for our case.

Jason Sansone was extremely responsive to our needs. He was a pleasant person to deal with. Filing bankruptcy is a stressful time and Jason made every effort to make it easy and understandable for us.

Mr. Sansone has been an exceptional attorney for me and my wife. He is very knowledgeable of the laws and calls us back every single time without hesitation. I highly recommend Mr. Sansone to any one needing legal counsel.

Jason represents the word professional.  He had me at ease about my situation almost immediately.  He explained everything to were I understood without the “lawyer’s lingo language”. Thanks to Jason I’m not as stressed as I was a couple of months ago.

Jason Sansone went above and beyond. Due to our time constraint, he was willing to stay after hours and late into the evening to make sure everything for our case was in order to get the bankruptcy filed so we did not lose our property.

I think Jason is terrific! I had spoken to other lawyers about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but they did not give me all the information I needed. He was very helpful at put my mind to rest. Jason answered all of my questions and returned all of my phones promptly, which meant a lot to me. Thank you Jason!

5 stars for Mr. Sansone! He managed to make a very uncomfortable time in my life tolerable. Mr. Sansone’s professionalism is bar none. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Mr Sansone is a great source of knowledge and very honest. He already has gotten all of mine and my wife’s things put together for our case. we are very satisfied and would definitely recommend him to friends and family.

Mr. Sansone made me feel relaxed and calm when I talked to him. He was VERY knowledgable and well spoken. He answered all my questions that I had. He answered all my phone calls and questions over the phone when I had them. He was honest and straight with me on my case. He was prompt when I had complications. He told me everything I needed to do before I found out what I needed to do. That made me more knowledgable on my case when time came to take action. I would highly recommend Mr. Sansone to my family and friends if in need of a great attorney. I’m on the down hill side of my case and I couldn’t ask for a better outcome than what I have received Thanks to my Attorney Jason Sansone. Thank You for all that u did for me and my family.

I had contacted a lengthy list of attorneys for a DUI case, prior to Mr. Sansone. All of whom were far too expensive and wanted full compensation before any representation took place. Some were terribly hard to get in contact with, only a receptionist who would take a message, some I never even received a call back. I called the Sansone Howell Firm with only a little time before my next court date and was answered by Jason himself, not a receptionist. Our initial conversation was approx. 45 minutes and in that time, I found Mr. Sansone to be more than adequately knowledgeable in criminal defense, as well as very personable, exceptionally priced, and most importantly, honest. By the end of the first call, I made the decision to hire Jason and had gained a better understanding of what was to come and how to go about it. Not only did I reach a semi-costly, but desirable outcome for the DUI Charge and other citations, Jason also helped me with some issues reguarding creditors that was completely unrelated to the case he was hired for! Bottom line, I would strongly recommend contacting Mr. Sansone with your legal concerns before even looking for other counsel.

Absolutely someone you want on your side. He will work with you in any way.

Jason was great to work with during our Chapter 13. I would definitely recommend him to anyone requiring legal counsel. He explained all options thoroughly to help us make an informed decision. Thanks Jason!

Mr. Sansone is great, he kept us informed through the entire process at a very timely manner. He answered all of our questions in easy to understand terms and gave us options before proceeding with the case. Very highly recommended!

Mr. Sansone was a great representation for our organization. None of our staff were qualified to handle the issue that we were facing. Mr. Sansone professionally meet all the needs of our organization and the task we were needing completed. I would recommend Mr. Sansone to any individual or organization that would be in need of any legal assistance!

Jason helped me get my business set up by handling all the required paperwork. When I needed a modification done on those records he was very quick to get it done. When setting up my business his advice was fantastic and helped me setup my business in the way that was most beneficial to all involved. Jason continues to assist my business with it’s legal needs , and we hope to work with him for a long time.

I was very pleased with our office meetings and equally pleased with Jason’s performance in the courtroom, which led to a positive verdict in my favor. There is nothing hidden about Jason. After leaving his office you will know exactly what you are getting and for what price. When I asked him what he thought our chances of winning the case were, he made sure that I understood, that while he believed our chances were good, he could not guarantee anything. Already knowing this, I found his honesty and bluntness welcomed qualities. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone.

Mr. Sansone quickly addresses all of my questions. When I call or email, he promptly answers or responds back to me. After every consult he follows up to make sure I do not have any questions or need anything else. In the past I have dealt with large firms. I often felt like my attorney was too busy for my business. Questions or tasks could take days or weeks to get answered. This is not the case with Mr. Sansone. I would recommend Mr. Sansone to other business managers or owners.

Jason helped me in a time of need. He was trustworthy and always worked as hard as possible to help me in my case. He is very knowledgeable and will work with you in any aspect of your situation.

Very proficient and knowledgable. Professional demeanor at all times. Returned calls, emails etc in timely manner. Patient and understanding about my personal circumstances.

Jason Sansone served as General Counsel for my corporate and personal affairs. He worked within my budget and was very knowledgeable in many areas of law. If a situation came up that was a not in his areas of expertise, he would call colleagues and research laws so that he was prepared for our next meeting. Jason Sansone is not afraid to think outside the box, which is one of the best qualities you can hope for when hiring an attorney. I highly recommend Jason Sansone as your next Attorney at Law.