Have you ever ordered a meal but had no idea how much the food would cost when you placed your order? Neither have we!

Sansone Howell can only imagine how scary it must be to obtain legal representation without any idea what it will cost you.  Whenever possible, our law firm uses a fully inclusive flat fee pricing model.  We have taken out all the surprises and guess work.  Billable hours, filing fees, copying costs, travel expenses, mileage… it is ALL included in our up front fee, letting you know what to expect without fear of out of control legal bills. In addition, all first-time clients receive a free consultation.

On rare occasions, the flat fee pricing model does not fit. Although Sansone Howell cannot guarantee you a fixed bill in those situations, you can be assured that we do everything possible to keep your total costs reasonable.

Below is our standard fee schedule.  Please remember that if your particular need is not listed we very likely can still provide you a flat fee. This list contains only our most commonly requested legal services.

Chapter 7 & Chapter 13See our Bankruptcy page to learn more.
Chapter 11: See Hourly Rates
Adversary Proceedings: See Hourly Rates

Family Law
See Hourly Rates

Criminal Law
Municipal court (includes Midwest City and Del City courts): $600.00
Misdemeanor in state court (i.e. Oklahoma County): $1,250.00
DUI: $1,500.00
Felonies: Case Specific. Flat rates offered based on charges and circumstances.

Hourly Rates:
Attorney: $250.00

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