We Promise You Are In Control

We work for you!  Although it is an attorney’s duty to fully inform their client regarding all matters, the final decision will always be yours.  We don’t even have to understand or agree with your positions, but we will always fight for you.


We Promise To Keep You Informed

The number one complaint about the legal profession is “he / she won’t call me back”.  We promise, with or without a request, to keep you informed on your case.  We strive to return all messages within one business day.


We Promise To Tell The Full Truth

Legal matters often involve difficult realities.  It can be easy to talk around an issue or ignore a problem.  We promise to shoot our client’s straight even when it is against our own best interest.  Our clients will always be prepared for what to expect, good or bad.


We Promise Reasonable Bills

No one has ever called legal representation “cheap”, but we promise to deliver top legal services at superior prices through efficiency and transparency.  Client’s will always be provided an itemized bill with complete breakdown for all time spent on their case.  When at all possible, we provide our client’s with an upfront flat rate fee, offering the client a predictable bill.