Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy has the ability to completely wipe out your debts including back taxes, medical bills, payday loans, credit card debt, or upside down automobiles and filing a bankruptcy can stop garnishments and lawsuits TODAY!

Whats The Difference?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most convenient, quickest, and least expensive form of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oklahoma City is sometimes called a liquidation, a “true”, or a “straight” bankruptcy because your property is divided into exempt and non-exempt property. All exempt assets will be kept by you but the court will sell your non-exempt assets to pay your debts.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a way for you to restructure your finances by consolidating the debt, reducing the payment based upon your ability to pay, and partially repaying the debt over a period of 3 to 5 years. Upon completion of the repayment plan, your remaining debt is then wiped out.

What Does It Cost?

In bankruptcy cases, we pay for your case to be filled, your credit reports, consumer credit counseling courses, and debtor education management classes.  These are expenses you don’t have to worry about.  We charge the same amount for individual or joint cases (married couples).  And unlike some law firms, we don’t charge more even if you are above the median income or are self-employed.  We welcome you to compare our rates to other Oklahoma law firms.

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