At Sansone Howell, we understand how difficult times can be, especially when contemplating bankruptcy.  Things can get even worse when you are being garnished, facing foreclosure or repossession, or having bank accounts levied.  It can feel like hiring a good law firm to represent you is impossible, but there are options.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcies

Our first option is file your Chapter 7 case as an “emergency petition”.  If you decide on this option, you only have to pay $335.00 upfront to file your case. Once the case is filed, any garnishments will stop. Then you can pay your case off over 12 months at $120.00 per month.  Although this option involves more work on our end and is more expensive for you, it allows your case to be filed much faster than normal and with very little money down.  Under this option, we provide various pre-filing services to you, including but not limited to an initial consultation and analysis of your financial situation, assistance in determining whether you should file a bankruptcy petition, and the preparation of your emergency petition.  Then, after we file your case, we will perform various post-filing services, including but not limited to the preparation and filing of the remainder of your required post-filing bankruptcy documents, submitting the required paperwork to the trustee in a timely manner and providing you with legal representation at your required hearing.  Clients typically use this option to prevent or stop a lawsuit or wage garnishment or to address other emergency circumstances.  Although this option is more expensive, it can actually save you money versus directly paying our fees because it will immediately stop garnishments. An added benefit of this option is that your monthly payments will actually show up on your credit report and help you rebuild your credit. When you need to file your bankruptcy fast, this is the best option.

The second option is have your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case filed as a “normal petition”.  There is a flat fee of $1,250.00 for filing your case this way.  If you are unable to pay this fee in full upfront, it can be paid in installments.  However, if you decide on this option, we cannot file your case until the $1,250.00 is paid in full.  As such, this option is typically best for clients who are not currently dealing with a wage garnishment or other emergency situation that requires a case to be filed as soon as possible.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

All Chapter 13 cases are on a type of payment plan.  We charge only $500.00 to file your case as a “normal petition”.  However, unlike Chapter 7 cases, you do not pay us directly.  Instead you will be paying indirectly through your bankruptcy case.  The remaining balance of your flat fee is paid out over time as you make the mandatory Chapter 13 plan payments to the Trustee.


Don’t wait for creditors to garnish you.  Call Sansone Howell today to save your money and stop the lawsuits before garnishments can happen.