At Sansone Howell, we understand how difficult times can be, especially when contemplating bankruptcy.  Things can get even worse when you are being garnished, facing foreclosure or repossession, or having bank accounts levied.  It can feel like hiring a good law firm to represent you is impossible, but there are options.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcies

We charge a flat fee of $1,875.00 for most Chapter 7 bankruptcies.  If you are unable to pay the fee in full upfront, it can be paid in installments.  However, we cannot file your case until the $1,875.00 is paid in full.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

All Chapter 13 cases are on a type of payment plan.  Our total fee is $3,850.00, but you only have to pay $1,850.00 up front.  Unlike Chapter 7 cases, you do not pay us the remainder of your balance before you file your case or directly to us.  Instead you will be paying through your bankruptcy case.  The balance of your flat fee is paid out over time as you make the mandatory Chapter 13 plan payments to the Trustee.


Don’t wait for creditors to garnish you.  Call Sansone Howell today to save your money and stop the lawsuits before garnishments can happen.

Sansone Howell PLLC does not file consumer bankruptcy cases outside of the state of Oklahoma.