Bankruptcy Client

Jason helped me and my family file our bankruptcy. Going in to the process my wife and I were so scared but Jason assured us everything’s going to be ok and it was. Jason is so professional, courteous, caring, informative etc. He handled everything better than any lawyer I have ever seen. He took care of us so much you can’t help but to refer him clients and love him because he is the very best. No one could have done better. No stress, no worry no nothing, he makes a tough process easy and somehow fun. Also his counter part (other lawyer) she is awesome as well. She will talk to you and help. She won’t just take a message and not call you back. They always call you and check in on you. I could go on and on. They are the best and helped me and my family start our lives over and were doing great because of Jason Sansone. God Bless.