Bankruptcy Client

Filing bankruptcy is a very intimidating and stressful ordeal, but Jason Sansone made the whole process very smooth and easy. My husband and I had so many questions and concerns, but Jason walked us through each step with ease, and without judgement. He gave us all the paperwork to fill out and informed us what we would need to provide the courts. It took a few days on our end to gather up all of the accounts we needed to include in the bankruptcy, but overall the process went pretty fast. Jason broke down all of our options and informed us our rights. We were worried that we would have to give up our house, the one thing we wanted to keep and not include in our bankruptcy, and sure enough, he helped make that possible. Jason talked us through what to expect when we appeared in front of the trustee and meeting of creditors, and the actual event was much more quick and gentle than we feared. All in all, Jason helped ease our concerns and the whole experience was less stressful than it could have been. He’s very professional, but personable, too, and that really helps you feel like a friend is on your side. We will recommend Jason Sansone to everyone who asks us about bankruptcy in the future.