Divorce Client

This is both a letter of appreciation and recommendation to Kellie Howell. My case needs were immediate and just prior to a major holiday. I was caught completely by surprise when an EPO was filed against me and I found myself alone very quickly. When I found Kellie she acted quickly and professionally in preparing my case. I admittedly was extremely stressed during this time and Kellie greatly reduced my anxiety with her prompt responses, confidence, and professional attitude. She really gave me hope back after I’d lost it.

The above alone makes her a 5 star recommendation, but there’s that extra and rarely seen 6th star here. My case was regarding a divorce I didn’t want. I’d imagine a divorce case being a bit easier if you didn’t care how the other side felt when you presented case in front of a judge, but when you want to reconcile things have to be handled a bit more gingerly. Kellie didn’t just represent me, she represented me. She did what was needed in court to open a door of discussion between myself and my wife.

In closing I’d like to just say as a client: express exactly what you want outcome you’re looking for and I have no doubt that you’ll find the best quality representation in Kellie Howell. The result of my case was exactly what I had hoped for and I have Kellie to thank.