DUI Client

I had contacted a lengthy list of attorneys for a DUI case, prior to Mr. Sansone. All of whom were far too expensive and wanted full compensation before any representation took place. Some were terribly hard to get in contact with, only a receptionist who would take a message, some I never even received a call back. I called the Sansone Howell Firm with only a little time before my next court date and was answered by Jason himself, not a receptionist. Our initial conversation was approx. 45 minutes and in that time, I found Mr. Sansone to be more than adequately knowledgeable in criminal defense, as well as very personable, exceptionally priced, and most importantly, honest. By the end of the first call, I made the decision to hire Jason and had gained a better understanding of what was to come and how to go about it. Not only did I reach a semi-costly, but desirable outcome for the DUI Charge and other citations, Jason also helped me with some issues reguarding creditors that was completely unrelated to the case he was hired for! Bottom line, I would strongly recommend contacting Mr. Sansone with your legal concerns before even looking for other counsel.