Understanding Common Law Marriage in Oklahoma

Individuals who have obtained a marriage through common law must still go through the divorce process in order to end their marriage.  Unfortunately, just because your marriage is an “informal marriage” does not mean that you and your spouse can split without getting a legal divorce.  At Sansone Howell we have the knowledge and experience needed to answer any questions you may have about common law marriage, divorce, and family law, and help you take the necessary steps to dissolve your marriage and continue with your separate lives.

Contrary to popular belief, living together for a certain number of years is not a requirement for common law marriage. There is a list of factors that determine if you and your spouse are in fact common law married. These factors include but are not limited to: co-habitation, holding yourself out to the public as husband and wife (this includes introducing yourself as husband and wife), and filing tax returns jointly.  At Sansone Howell we can help you determine if you are in fact common law married and need to file for a divorce to dissolve the marriage.